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If You Don't Know


I've been extremely busy since last week
As we're sitting for our Test 1

And I really want to try my best InshaAllah
But sometimes it's really hard to fight myself
To fight the nafs and laziness
It's a real war,no kidding

So .
Please do pray for me and all of my friends

And I still can't get over all of those amazing mangas huhu



I thank Allah for this good life

But for me
It seems like this life of mine,
Has reached its kind-of-limit .

I have seen what I never saw before
And I have realized what I had missed before

You guys are great
I mean,yeah you .
My dearest friends .
Thank you for being with me all the time
You guys are so precious that I just can't even stop loving you

People out there .
Thank you for your eyes and perceptions
Your smiles and everything
Thank you for being with me,all the time
Even I don't know you,but .
Thank you :)

Beautiful creature out there
You're beautiful I can't even stop liking you and I hate it
But now I'm feeling nothing
Because it's useless but I know I can't force them to die in a second

My big bro who lives far away
I really want to see you before everything
It feels like it has been ages since the last time I was awed by your aura
Allah has given everything to you and all of us
And I really hope we will always reme…



Aku terfikir
Adakah kau benar-benar ingin membuang aku ?

Buanglah .
Itu untuk kebaikan semua,aku percaya .

Tapi bagi kau mudah,mungkin .

Tapi sukar bagi aku .

Syaitan sedang mengaburi mata dan hati aku .