I thank Allah for this good life

But for me
It seems like this life of mine,
Has reached its kind-of-limit .

I have seen what I never saw before
And I have realized what I had missed before

You guys are great
I mean,yeah you .
My dearest friends .
Thank you for being with me all the time
You guys are so precious that I just can't even stop loving you

People out there .
Thank you for your eyes and perceptions
Your smiles and everything
Thank you for being with me,all the time
Even I don't know you,but .
Thank you :)

Beautiful creature out there
You're beautiful I can't even stop liking you and I hate it
But now I'm feeling nothing
Because it's useless but I know I can't force them to die in a second

My big bro who lives far away
I really want to see you before everything
It feels like it has been ages since the last time I was awed by your aura
Allah has given everything to you and all of us
And I really hope we will always remember to be thankful

And all of my teachers and lecturers,
I'm sorry for being such a loser and a lazy-bump
But you guys are so kind and brilliant and have the most pure intention ever
Only Allah can repay everything :)

And lastly,
Both of my parents and my lil bro
Thank you so much for always taking care of me
And went all the way to KL from Terengganu for me
And love me . For who I am .
I'm sorry if I couldn't get the scholarship .
But Allah knows best .

I just want it so bad just because of you guys .
Allah .

But for sure,
Everything is lillahitaala inshaAllah

Nice meeting them ; Fathini,Acap,Jiman,Nina,Aqilah,Farah and others

So cao


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