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I admit that I miss the old Taylor Swift
But it doesn't mean that I dislike the new version of her now
Well,it's not really 'new'
She's still the Taylor that I've been liking since I was young

Listening to her old songs brings back so much memories
I could feel those feelings that I used to feel back then

Organic Chemistry hasn't been done yet



Trying to get my work done
I listened to Maher Zain's songs
Those were my favourite songs back then

And they reminded me of you .
You,the one who introduced him to me

I guess you're really fond of him
You shared his videos in your facebook account once in the past

And we had memories in those songs

I listened to them because of you
And now I do realize that it was funny and so naive of me

Don't worry
Now I listen to them because I want to

But sometimes you come knocking on my door
And I just let you to come in
Hi from me
And there'll never be a reply of yours

Thanks for coming btw



The wound was deep
Beyond your expectation,it was too deep you couldn't even sense it
And it was at the back of my rib cage
Inside me .
No one ever noticed it

You were puzzled and I liked it
Stay confused as you were before
I never wanted you to run away
I wanted it to be solved,so that you could see everything in me,
Crystal clear . Nothing was hidden .
But in a good way .
In an approved one .
But it was a long way to go

So you left .
The puzzles were unsolved,but you did run away
You sommer left me
But I wasn't confused,
Just felt like I was being hit and run

So I decided to move on
I disliked the idea of you,being close to my everywhere
My move isn't too fast
But I really .
Really .
Want to make sure that,
Even the blowing wind wouldn't ever notice the speed,
Of me,deleting you . Bit by bit .

So ciao