The wound was deep
Beyond your expectation,it was too deep you couldn't even sense it
And it was at the back of my rib cage
Inside me .
No one ever noticed it

You were puzzled and I liked it
Stay confused as you were before
I never wanted you to run away
I wanted it to be solved,so that you could see everything in me,
Crystal clear . Nothing was hidden .
But in a good way .
In an approved one .
But it was a long way to go

So you left .
The puzzles were unsolved,but you did run away
You sommer left me
But I wasn't confused,
Just felt like I was being hit and run

So I decided to move on
I disliked the idea of you,being close to my everywhere
My move isn't too fast
But I really .
Really .
Want to make sure that,
Even the blowing wind wouldn't ever notice the speed,
Of me,deleting you . Bit by bit .

So ciao


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