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I really love you,
And would never want to stop

I'm really sorry
Because I was too selfish

You gave me your everything
But what I did was breaking your heart,with all of my might

I'm sorry
I took everything for granted

I never thought I would lose you

Now that everything has changed

I really miss you
And I guess,
No .
I admit that I deserved those words and scold



Alhamdulillah .

I never thought that I would have you guys in my life
I don't even know when we started to be needing of each other

You guys are,another thing that is so precious in my life

We can't promise anything
Because none of us has an idea what the future may look like
But .

Stay together,is what I want the most

If it's not in this dunya,
Then ask Allah.
So that we can be family in His Jannah



I would always have this kind of thought in my mind

Did you really love me back then ?
Did I mean something to you back then ?

Because the 'us' right now is barely here
I can't see any openings,
But maybe it is because I don't search for any

I loved you so much
And I really wanted you to know
And I wanted you to have the same feelings as I did have,
For you

Now that you're far away

You seemed so fine
And we acted like how we used to
But deep down,I believe that we both knew .
It was never the same
Both of us had shifted for so many times I guess

It's sad to see that there's no me in you anymore

And it is,painful .
To admit that .
You're slowly vanishing,
From my life .

I ask Allah to take care of our Ukhwah .
Only He knows what's best

hihi we were so cute back then . now we are all beautiful grown-ups :p



I wondered how people could change so easily
But then I realized,
Slowly . I am also .
Changing .

I'm no longer the me in the past
Well,some traces of her are barely in me
But yeah .
I believe we need changes in life .

Be someone who's better than before .
Change to be better .

If we see someone does something bad,
Judging that person won't change a thing
Even worst,
While we keep talking bad about it,
That person is slowly changing,being better than before .
Better than us .
We'll never know what it's like in the future .

And you .
Why did we change ?
How did this happen ?
It's nothing better .

We have nothing