I would always have this kind of thought in my mind

Did you really love me back then ?
Did I mean something to you back then ?

Because the 'us' right now is barely here
I can't see any openings,
But maybe it is because I don't search for any

I loved you so much
And I really wanted you to know
And I wanted you to have the same feelings as I did have,
For you

Now that you're far away

You seemed so fine
And we acted like how we used to
But deep down,I believe that we both knew .
It was never the same
Both of us had shifted for so many times I guess

It's sad to see that there's no me in you anymore

And it is,painful .
To admit that .
You're slowly vanishing,
From my life .

I ask Allah to take care of our Ukhwah .
Only He knows what's best

hihi we were so cute back then .
now we are all beautiful grown-ups :p


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