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Hai kalian begitu manis subhanallah

Aku tak perlu berasa gemuruh
Atau menanggung debaran yang menyesakkan
Ketika kalian di sekeliling keberadaan aku

Aku mampu untuk jadi aku
Dan kalian tidak memaksa aku untuk menjadi yang lain
Aku mampu berasa selesa
Dan kalian selesa dengan apa yang menjadikan aku,aku .

Kalianlah sahabat aku
Bukan sekadar kawan atau teman .
Tapi sahabat :)

Aku tak akan pernah mampu untuk menunjukkan kalian,
Betapa kalian begitu bermakna buat aku
Betapa aku sungguh mengasihi kalian,dan ingin rasa ini hadir keranaNya .

Betapa aku butuhkan kalian

Betapa aku tidak mahu lupakan kalian,
Juga tidak mahu dilupakan kalian



"One day I'll forget about you,"

Now that one day has come

You were always on my mind
And that also included all of those dreams I'd been dreaming
You were always there,
I would always catch a glance of that beautiful face of yours
Only,in dreams .

You respected me
And thank you very much for that good disposition of yours
I noticed that you treated me different than the others
I didn't know,whether it was a good news,or vice versa ?
But to comfort myself,
I said,

"I'm different,"

You have given me a lot,to remember
A lot,to kill me inside,slowly

I wouldn't blame you
But sometimes I do feel that I loathe you

I created a nickname for you and I like it
I've always wanted you to know this

It's hard for me to ignore you,
But please know this,
I just have to do it

Everything is just,so wrong

But I'm also like the others,
I have my own feelings

But it depends on how we manage it

I tried to fight it
But I never tried,or wanted…