Ao Haru Ride


Yoshioka Futaba is right .
When you fall for someone,you will notice every,
Single . Thing . About him/her

Just like herself
She knows exactly what Kou's neck looks like
Even though they haven't met for years but still,
She recognizes him .

He is taller
His hair has grown flawlessly
But still,he got the same eyes and look

Sniffing his neck and collar is her favourite habit
And Kou notices it,like,really

She drives herself crazy

Kou likes the scent of her hair
When the train moves,it brings in the harsh air and wind
Blowing her maroon + brown coloured hair

Her hears beats faster than ever

She decides to buy another shampoo,which is more expensive
So when Kou smells it,he would like her even more

But Kou acts so cold
But she never gives up

He still remember her face when she ran towards him when they were younger
And the same face she wears,when she's trying to make him open up to their friends

Kou never confesses,neither Yoshioka too
But I know .

Each time she looks at him,
He would also look at her
And both of them would blush

I know Kou likes Yoshioka .
And not me wahahahahahaha


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