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Don't judge a book by its cover .
This idiom really does back me up,I guess

I'm having a big problem when it comes to talking
Talking . To people . Face to face .
But not soul to soul

I'm such a coward
I'm sorry .
But I really don't know how to make you feel comfortable
I don't know what to say,to make you feel at ease
I don't know how to react .
When you act all out .

I want to give you everything I have
If only I could do it .

This chest is bearing so many words



I never thought that,
We really could drift apart from each other
But now
Everything is happening before my very own eyes

Seeing you from afar,
I would like to smile in tears

You .
You mean everything to me

Talking to you again makes me feel alive
Every attempt is made only to make you laugh and smile
Your giggling sound really does flatter my heart

" Don't leave her,"

How can I leave you ?

Tell me

Outer Space


Sometimes I really can't drag my feet
Get myself out of it
But then I know that this is a game of this dunya
So I need to stay strong
And ask Him for more strength
More,and more

Sometimes I can drive myself out of limit
There are unsaid words that I really want you to know
But then,if I speak it out loud,I know I'm going to regret it

You're the worst distraction ever
And I hate the fact that I can't kick you out

But sure,
I can try .



Seeing you grow up
And change .
It's something that I've never expected to see
Because you've lived without a piece of me
And I can move on
Without a piece of you
But still .
The pasts live



Jika satu hari nanti aku pergi
Aku harap kau tak akan lupakan aku
Walaupun masa yang bergilir antara kita hanya singkat
Sesingkat masa buat satu kerdipan mata kau yang bulat kecil itu

Walaupun begitu,
Serasa seperti perihal waktu dan pusingan jarum jam tiada makna
Kerana rasa ukhwah yang berbunga itu menusuk jantung tanpa amaran
Tanpa perlu tunggu masa berjalan .

Aku hanya pendam
Kerana mungkin aku ini hanya yang sementara
Sungguh Allah lebih tahu

Cuma aku harap
Kau tak akan lupa aku
Kau boleh pulang ke tanah air dengan selamat dan tenang,
Walau waktu itu sudah tiada aku untuk menjadi teman pulang
Kau akan menjadi pengunjung rumah Ilahi yang tetap .

Kau berjaya
Mencapai cita-cita kau
Dan menjadi hambaNya yang thorbaik

Life Cycle


Taking care of warga emas is not a simple thing to do
Plus they got work to do
They have other commitments that they need to pay attention to

Watching the same process happening every single day
I guess it's kinda hard .
Not .
It's really hard for me

But why not ?

Even though they are okay,actually ; healthy
But I guess they just want attention
Calling names,tell us they're sick when actually they can walk fast and eat a lot
Yeah . I believe they only want us to care about 'em .

Then why not ?

We have nothing to lose
InshaAllah Allah will grant us pahala
Extra big punya pahala

So ikhlaskanlah diri .
Memang payah .
Tapi cuba . cubacubacubacuba

I respect you mom dad maklong makyah and everyone

One day,
If our lifetime is extended by His will,
We might be like 'em .



Well happy birthday dear favourite lad
You're our most beloved sun rise and sunset

I miss you so much that it hurts me badly

I thank Allah for your existence

I want to walk with you
And sail the whole city with you

Study well .
Live well .

And remember Allah always,wherever you are