Life Cycle


Taking care of warga emas is not a simple thing to do
Plus they got work to do
They have other commitments that they need to pay attention to

Watching the same process happening every single day
I guess it's kinda hard .
Not .
It's really hard for me

But why not ?

Even though they are okay,actually ; healthy
But I guess they just want attention
Calling names,tell us they're sick when actually they can walk fast and eat a lot
Yeah . I believe they only want us to care about 'em .

Then why not ?

We have nothing to lose
InshaAllah Allah will grant us pahala
Extra big punya pahala

So ikhlaskanlah diri .
Memang payah .
Tapi cuba . cubacubacubacuba

I respect you mom dad maklong makyah and everyone

One day,
If our lifetime is extended by His will,
We might be like 'em .


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