For a minute, I was fine as I thought,
You'd be there for me whenever I needed you.

But it turned out to be,

But everyone has their own things in the pockets,
Including you.

And I tried to make myself understand.

I was in mess whenever you gave me blue ticks on WhatsApp,
They made me think that you hated me.
Or annoyed by me.

The idea of you, hating me,
Would always be my nightmare.

Because I grew to love you,
Even though in the past you were anything but something in me.

I tried to search for someone that I could lean on to,
But some days I would be disappointed.

It is true that,

Anything in this worldly life can never satisfy us,
Except for,

He is the One who created you and me,
For sure only He does know whatever you and me need.
Whatever our hearts truly need.


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