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If that art was meant for me,
Know that I didn't mean to be mean,
Know that I had no tricks or games.

I hoped that one art was meant for me,
Know that I did admire you,
In fact, I do.

Your taste in music is incredible.
Give me more songs. Like how you used to do back then.

I feel numb. Everything starts to fade.
Not good at goodbyes, but cao!



They said people ain't gonna be there when you're in the dark phase,
That should be how I learnt to not trust people in the face,
But seemed like I never got the lesson,
Ended up always being enough with the surface.

They said time ain't gonna let you break, it heals you,
That's why I tried to stick everything back together, until I ran out of glue.
Until my face turned blue.
Ended up always letting the time to swallow everything.

When I should be the one to fix myself.
When I should be the one to realise.
When I,
Am the only one who is still stuck in the past.



Thank you,

For your clapping hands and support yesterday,
They really made my day, as I walked away.

Thank you,
For your smiles
And bright glittery eyes,
For the footsteps you carved along with mine, they shine.

This is why I'm afraid to open up and let people come in,
I love too deep and I feel too deep.
And once I fall, feels like an abyss, but suddenly there's a concrete end.
The pain can never be said, only to be felt.



One small thing,
Once it started to creep into me, I was no longer the same.

You never knew how hard it was,
Whenever the thoughts and memories came attacking me,
Sometimes I was stepping on no ground,
Floating on the cloud nine, no, it was the opposite.

I never knew it could be like this,
I wished I could be different,
I wished I wouldn't feel a thing.


The aching chest as I felt heavier,
The groaning whatever it was as it started to sink in,
I wanna go back to who I was before that night.



Bright colours rushed in,
Late night, spinning thoughts,
Blurry eyes, strong smiles,

I waited.

New day drew in,
Predicted sounds, predicted things,

I waited.

But I just knew it this time,
It would never be the same.

Me and Myself


So I've been rewatching Death Note again.
The live action movies and the anime,
But I didn't get to see L: Change The World

The anime series gives me more feelings and goosebumps.
I know it would be hard for me to take everything in, once again,
And I would be thinking about it all over again, just like last time.

What hurts me the most is,
L's death. Not that I couldn't accept it.
But how could Light kill him, when L thought him as a friend.

Light is the first friend he ever had,
And after all those things they have been through together,
When Light loses all of his memories about the Death Note and Ryuk and the fact that he is Kira,

How could he?

It breaks my heart.

Short Story

"I'll come over,"
"Oh, okay,"

She hung up the phone. Slowly, her right hand touched her aching chest.

Went into the kitchen, she sat down. Looking everything before her eyes, but her mind wandered off somewhere else.

"What would you like?"

He smiled while thinking for a while. 

"Hmm, what about...a homemade pizza?Chicken pepperoni?"

She struck him her surprised look. They both laughed.
He was too demanding, but I loved him anyway.

"Okay!But promise me you would come over?"

Again, he smiled that angelic smile.


She sighed. Opened the two door refrigerator.
She was preparing dough, for a chicken pepperoni pizza.

Two years abroad, now he told me he wanted to see me out of the blue.
Was he a man of his words?

She shook her head. Seemed like she couldn't answer that to her own self.

That pizza took about an hour and half of her time. She walked out of the kitchen, went into the store room. There, she sat down. Again, her…

Short Story

I know I need to study more and do something about the Chemistry thing.

The midterm result has been pinned on the batch board.
And of course, once again I failed to be on the top 10 list.
Mom and dad won't surely say a thing, but I know they're hoping for something.

"Guess I should be heading to the library,"



A girl's voice reaches my ears.

"Oh I'm sorry, really sorry!"

Man I couldn't do a thing right!

"Nah, it's okay,"

I help her pick up her books.

Oh, this Rachel. The best student in this college.
Guess I know some facts about her.

She is her daddy's favourite, he is so positive of her being in Harvard few years later.
Oh she can also speak French, bet she's fluent.

A nice and good girl.
Also, a beauty. Perfect, huh?


She turns around to face me.

"Congrats on being the best student again,"

She beams me a sweet smile. And walks away.


I tighten up my sweater on my body. …

Wherever You Are - ONE OK ROCK


Spending time with you was indeed great,
I just like to be with you, anywhere and everywhere.
Anytime, but actually I prefer the dark sky.
The air breathes coldness, and I like it.

I was full with words and stories,
I wanted you to sink in them,
I would follow you later on, and every time,
You understood the whole me.

The idea of you beside me would always be in my mind,
Years and time which are already gone,
Someday I know I would see you again,
Along with smiles plastered on our faces,
And I would be sitting next to you again,
Inshaallah :)