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Broken Pieces


With guilt enshrouding my whole life
The pain strikes my heart
Man .
Being dumb in the past really,
Really . Putting me in a serious pain
It's painful
To know that we have hurt the ones we love,
And don't have the mental strength to say,
I'm sorry .

I'm truly sorry
I don't want to be a doll
Paper or plastic,name it I just don't want to be one
I don't know how to socialize well
Don't know how to start a conversation first,
Smile awkwardly,'cause the atmosphere that surrounds me,is,
Really awkward
I know we used to play together when we were young
And I miss those old moments of ours
But can you tell me how to skip the beats,
How to burn those crazy thoughts
How to be normal .
As normal as you guys are
Tell me,someone just please

Well Hey


Well you came out of nowhere
In a sudden,I said
I was on my knees,letting go of my hope on you
But then you just came

I didn't expect you to surprise me like this
No need any wishes
'Cause I knew it didn't matter for you
But then .
You just left

I knew it's better
It wasn't me over and out
I wasn't over it
And couldn't set myself free




If I get one golden chance,
To bump into you once again,
I hope that you would look into my eyes,
And read my mind

Because I'm so sure,my tongue would be tied,
When it's you that I see

I'm terribly sorry
For what have I done to you
For all of the damages caused by me back then
I'm so sorry
I couldn't do anything,to convince you that I am .
Truly,terribly,honestly,really,sorry .
Now guilt is enshrouding me

You blocked me and I knew it
I was so down and really thought that,
I would never have the chance,to ask for your forgiveness
To ask and get it .

I like to play back those memories
When you were fond of me,like,really
You would always tell your friends and even your own lover,
That I was cute
I was freaking cute and you couldn't resist it
I was your number one

Thank you for everything

Please .
I really need you to forgive me
Just please



I've known you for years
But I never expect this to happen

I've never expected,to be in the same high school,as you
I've never thought about,
What would I be without you,for a long time
As the holiday was great,and made me forget about it
And when I opened my eyes,I just knew that .
We're still in this,together .


But you know .
Someday the sky would be different
And the air tastes bitter
'Cause each of us would be apart
I know I couldn't be with you for so long
I know I have to stand tall,with my own feet
Without you,beside me

But hey it's okay
I could still come over to your house,like always
Like yesterday,inshaAllah
We could still call each other
Set a date and watch some movies in the cinema
A few years later,inshaAllah

But none of us know .

Allah does

When I Was


Now I'm missin' the moment
When we both sat on the sofa,in front of the TV
We didn't go to school
Turned on the 705 channel,
You just liked to listen to those songs
And as I was younger,I just liked to do whatever you did

And that's the time when we knew All American Rejects
Rihanna,Akon,and others
We liked their songs
But then we grew up and everything changed

It has been so long,
And now I'm downloading their songs
They are,still,cool to listen to



You're one of the best persons in my life
You're one of a kind in my life

You're the one who wears blue and tears me apart
But I don't care
'Cause we both know it's better that way

You're the one who sneezes and everyone knows it's you
But I pretend like I don't acknowledge it
'Cause I know it's better that way
Isn't it ?

You're the one who has been the main subject in my posts
But you don't really know it



Masa kau kecil mesti kau tak pernah terfikir
Semua akan jadi macam ni

Masa kau kecil
Tak pernah sekali terlintas dalam fikiran,
Kau akan jumpa dia .
Dan dia,dia tu,dia ni .
Semua orang yang ada sekaranglah

Pokoknya masa depan itu,
Semuanya rahsia Allah

Hanya Allah yang tahu apa yang kita akan jadi,
Besar nanti .
Seminit lepas ni .
Sesaat lepas ni

Kini kau dah hidup di negara orang
Baru hari itu kau berpijak di bumi Malaysia
Kini kau sedang menggigil kesejukan di sana

Hei .
Bawa balik Beats satu !



Only Allah does know what it feels like
In the heart
When you notice someone that you love
Is trying her best to walk out of your life
And those faces,
Explaining that you've done the worst
And she has had enough of you

I was good and fine
I didn't care if you said you're leaving
'Cause I knew
Tomorrow you would make a come-back again
And the same thing would happen

But now
I think I'm going to lose you and I'm so afraid
You never know this
You just never know

When It Rained


Ya know
When it was raining
All of our memories came back,
Pushing me to the sea of tears
My chest was packed

I still remembered standing on the cold ground
While lookin' at the black sky
Those stars were hiding somewhere
There we were
Still young and looking way too good

I looked at the sky
But it was blue in colour
And it rained

I knew that you've gone too far
And now it's hard for me to reach out for you

I could never thank Allah enough
For all of the things that He has done for me

For giving me a brother
That no one could ever replace

Take care bro