I've known you for years
But I never expect this to happen

I've never expected,to be in the same high school,as you
I've never thought about,
What would I be without you,for a long time
As the holiday was great,and made me forget about it
And when I opened my eyes,I just knew that .
We're still in this,together .


But you know .
Someday the sky would be different
And the air tastes bitter
'Cause each of us would be apart
I know I couldn't be with you for so long
I know I have to stand tall,with my own feet
Without you,beside me

But hey it's okay
I could still come over to your house,like always
Like yesterday,inshaAllah
We could still call each other
Set a date and watch some movies in the cinema
A few years later,inshaAllah

But none of us know .

Allah does


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