If I get one golden chance,
To bump into you once again,
I hope that you would look into my eyes,
And read my mind

Because I'm so sure,my tongue would be tied,
When it's you that I see

I'm terribly sorry
For what have I done to you
For all of the damages caused by me back then
I'm so sorry
I couldn't do anything,to convince you that I am .
Truly,terribly,honestly,really,sorry .
Now guilt is enshrouding me

You blocked me and I knew it
I was so down and really thought that,
I would never have the chance,to ask for your forgiveness
To ask and get it .

I like to play back those memories
When you were fond of me,like,really
You would always tell your friends and even your own lover,
That I was cute
I was freaking cute and you couldn't resist it
I was your number one

Thank you for everything

Please .
I really need you to forgive me
Just please


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