Broken Pieces


With guilt enshrouding my whole life
The pain strikes my heart
Man .
Being dumb in the past really,
Really . Putting me in a serious pain
It's painful
To know that we have hurt the ones we love,
And don't have the mental strength to say,
I'm sorry .

I'm truly sorry
I don't want to be a doll
Paper or plastic,name it I just don't want to be one
I don't know how to socialize well
Don't know how to start a conversation first,
Smile awkwardly,'cause the atmosphere that surrounds me,is,
Really awkward
I know we used to play together when we were young
And I miss those old moments of ours
But can you tell me how to skip the beats,
How to burn those crazy thoughts
How to be normal .
As normal as you guys are
Tell me,someone just please


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