I thank Allah
For giving me you

With your beady eyes and sweet smile
You liked to talk to me
And I really liked to listen to your every word

When the moon showed up
The lights were gone in our room
You looked at me
And what else could I do,other than replying your stare ?

We would talk
Until my eyes were closed
Talked about anything
And you made my days

It hurt me when you gave me no smile
It hurt me when you were acting nonchalant

I cried when the pain hit me louder than the silence did
I cried when everything went so wrong

Thank you so much,
For lending me your ears
For hearing my stories and memories
For liking 'em the way I did

For your chocolates and biscuits
'cause you never liked Lexus and its friends

I never blamed you for it
But sometimes I did wonder
I did think about your feelings

"I would never fall,"

And you smiled

We can never be so sure of our own feelings
They do change,
Just like us :)


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