I just don't easily write about people

And I like to write about 'em

I've read your long letter
It's okay,those words were all nice to me
I was fine . Perfectly fine

I'm truly sorry . For what I've done to you

I know I wasn't being a good friend back then

Sometimes it felt like stabbing you was the only way,
To curb my temper .
But ya know,sabr is the most beauteous road ever to take
I told myself to calm down

I cried so many times because of you .
Because I felt you didn't care about me
Because I didn't like you being with those guys
Because you didn't tell me a single thing about 'em

Because you changed . And I hated it

After all of those hardships and ordeals,
I got you back . I didn't how and when,but what I knew was,
I loved you more than I ever did

We were classmates
And we were closer
You meant the world to me
I knew I had been counting on you since the first day and I'm sorry
For putting you through those dirts
For burdening you with my ugly dispositions

I just loved you so much
Then something bad happened . I told myself,

"She would never have me again,like she used to have,"

I would never be the same
As you had hurt me with your words and,
You didn't want to see my face
You pushed me away,slipping away from my grip
When I wanted to hold you .
I was taken aback by your act

Then everything did change between us
But you just never knew

But then time heals everything

I know I can't run away from you
'cause from the start,you were everything to me
You held me when I almost fell
You got my back when I was blind and couldn't see which way to go
You loved me . For who I was

You cared for me,even though I ignored you
You cried for me,even though I didn't care
You held me tight,even though I wanted you to go

Thank you my love . For everything

Do know that I still love you
To the moon or sun or whatever and I will come back to you

I wanted to keep you safe in my arms
But I could never do it,
Because since forever,
I was drowned in your arms,and never wanted to let myself go

May this ukhwah stays,
Because of Allah .
The Most Loving and The Most Forgiving <3


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