Blue Spring Ride


Then I realized,
That I depended on you so much .

You .

Remember when we were 13,
It was the beautiful month ; Ramadan
I used to wake up late,so the chance to have some meals downstairs,
Was only 1%
Then without thinking much,I went to see you next door
You were up,also . late .
I looked at you
It wasn't like I had no food of my own,but your love pulled me,
And you gave me some of your cereals
I ate 'em . and I do remember,the lights weren't shining bright .

Thank you :)

I used to leave you behind
Laughing without you beside me
But when those tears came running down on my cheeks,
I would look up for you

You .

Remember when we were 14,
I guess you were wearing a white uniform
You told us about your feelings towards that one guy
Then you cried . haha you just did
We were panicked ; didn't know what to do
And we did laugh , all of us . not excluding you babe

Remember when we were 16,
I was your little kid . I was your baby . I was your small creature .
And you were so worried about me
We were so close back then
And I just loved you so much

You pampered me and were always there for me
You liked it when I held your hands
You liked it when I took your warm hand,touching my nose and cheeks by it

And I love your hands and their warmth

Remember,the last day we were together as form fivers,
Also,you were so worried about me
What would I be without you ?
Can I live,by exposing myself to the real world,without you ?

You just liked to cry
And please do thank Allah for your heart :)

Hey . I do love you,I do miss you so much
And all of us do have Allah .
He would look after me,and you,and all of us .
So don't you worry honey
Please don't


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