I didn't have the guts to talk to you
Until now

But I guess you should know this ;
You really know how to comfort me :)
Even we only had met for a few days,but a little of you could make me smile
I was eager to write about you,since last year

You're so nice,to all of us
Thank you so much for your willing,
To give us yourself,in 2014 .
You're an expert,and we did believe in you
It's okay if we only got Silver Medal,but whatever it's,
Alhamdulillah .

I'm sorry,I could be totally bizarre and awkward sometimes

There were days that I talked to you like I never wanted it to end
But then when tomorrow came,
I seemed so arrogant and was playing truant
I acted like you were a stranger

But honestly,
I never wanted it to end
I really liked to talk to you back then
We share the same interests ; 5SOS,Adventure Time
And once again,thank you
For your stories and jokes
Thank you for your willing,to have me as a friend
Even though I'm no one nice

This year .
I've seen you enough hehe

Thank you so much for being a good leader
Thank you for your tears and laughs
And for teaching us to be brave
And to talk with confidence in our chests

Thank you for your Mitch Albom
And I'm sorry for being a jerk
I've lost it I'm truly sorry

School has ended
But you still keep me as your friend,
So thank you

I don't really talk to boys
I don't know why but,I've told myself once ;

"I hate boys,especially my classmates !"

Erk haha
That was when I was 13/14

I kept it to myself
And hated to expose myself to 'em

That's why I seldom talked

But people do change
And so do I

Talking to you was one of the hardest things to do
But then your words and the way you uttered those words,
They made me feel,
Man I was cool,way too cool
It might be because I was talking to someone that's cool,huh ? :D

One day my heart was broken
But then you suddenly came and with a few words of yours,
Man I could smile so wide
You knew how to win people's hearts

Thank you for everything
And you're one of a kind and so beautiful inside out
Riding a skateboard while wearing a jubah ? Man
I trembled in excitement,imagining everything you said

Thank you for your comic and concern
I really wanted to lend you some of my comics,but then
I knew you got no time to read 'em

Still,it's sad to think that L's dead
And Light died in horror man,
Tapi itulah
Buat perjanjian dengan syaitan gitu ler jadinya


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