I really want to say this ;
You're so damn beautiful when you smile
Your face is just so mesmerizing,breathtaking
The very first time I saw you,all of me admitted that,

"Man,she's so gorgeous,"

I just can't take my eyes off you

I heard that you wanted to know more about me
But then when we bumped into each other,
No word was uttered by each of us
I just could only admire you,from afar

Then you came into my life

You are just so bizarre it tickles me all the time :)
And you're one of a kind

I'm sorry but there were times when you kicked my butt with your acts
It was very painful

But then in SGS .
Allah has opened my eyes ; I need ya

You cared for me
When I was down and sick,you were there
Sitting beside me,was willing to wait for me

Hey there my pie,
Thank you so much for your love and care
Thank you so much for your willing to be my friend
Even though I'm no good
I bring you no benefits I'm truly sorry

Thank you
And sorry

Because I've hurt you with my eyes and mouth
My dispositions
My everything

Do know that I love you
Just a little bit too much

And good luck in everything
Do pray for me too,dear sunshine

I wouldn't forget those moments we shared together
I guess,we are meant to stick together

And I thank Allah,for giving me you


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