I need words
To utter these ;

It's sad,to think that
We could fight over the smallest thing
Even about what could chase our hunger away
About some small mistakes
About something that we thought,
We didn't need to tell each other about it

Don't forget that we are all humans
We make mistakes,
It's either we realize it or not

Don't forget that I breathe
Just like you do
That means we are the same
But the blood running in our veins and arteries and capillaries
Isn't the same
But yeah whatever we're still the same

Yeah I admit that I've failed to be a good one
I hurt you
In every way that I could
Thank you for reminding me,
That I was a loser back then,
An assasin in disguise

Now that I'm truly sorry

But it hurts me when you keep pressing my chest
With those words and thoughts
I know That I'm wrong
But I'm so sorry

I admit that sometimes I'm not being fair
I couldn't give you the best of me,as I was busy entertaining others
But I do love you and keep you in my heart

You're so special that I couldn't even describe how special you are

You were there for me
Since we were young
You were there for me
When I felt like the world was crumbling down

You are my best friend


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