There were some other times in my life
When I would sit down,and rub both of my eyes
Those tears were forming a river,flowing on my chin
Dropping,like there was no end of it

I told myself I missed them so much

Then I played back those images in my brain
With Allah's power,
I could see all of them vividly,just .
So clear .
I could see those colorful uniforms
Those faces and eyes
The way they looked at others
The way they communicated
Those laughs and jokes
Rainbows and storms .

Just .
There were too much for me,to handle in my mind

And those mixed feelings

I know I can't have those things in my future
Because forever it will remain like this
The school is over .
But I couldn't get over it

It's only a building
Students do come and soon they will have to leave

But I did create memories in it
I did laugh and cry
I made friends
I had 'em in my life

Miss them every second in my life
Soon I could have myself to move on
I would meet some more people
I would make friends
But still,

It would never be the same

Move on,they say
Just move on !
I know I'll have to,
Just .
I miss you


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