Yeah it still hurts
But .
I'm fine

You can still laugh and play
All that you got in your mind,is only about playing .
Eyes open,then you would start to play
You would make up plans with your friends
Someday you're going to be a Superman
And there are days which hold you as a bad man

You're still too young .

Then slowly,life will teach you .

It will make you see many things in this worldly life
You thought there are only nice people around you,
But then even your best friend could kill you easily .

You will know how it feels like,
When people you love don't love you back
When people you love sommer leave you behind
When people you trust treat you like a paper doll

You will know how it feels like,
To satisfy people around you with your blood and sweats
To work extremely hard,to achieve some goals in life

You will know how it feels like,
When people smile at you with sincerity
When people you barely know help you when you're dying

You will .

That's how life treats you
You will be given tests,and then you earn lessons behind 'em all
Earn and please do learn

I'm still young .
There are more things that need to be learned
And just like you,
Life will also teach me,and show me many other views that I haven't seen yet

Life isn't always easy,but it isn't always tough
There are times where we can breathe,and there are also times where we could barely holding on
Just remember .
As long as we have Allah,we can surely drive ourselves through everything
Even if it's hard,put our trust in Him .

Never underestimate the power of Dua

You ask . and Allah will surely listen to you
Don't ever doubt it !


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