Me (draft)


I could easily get myself drowned .
In anything . by anything

I could easily put myself in those stories I read
And when it is the end of the page,
My chest aches
I know it's crazy but,I would miss all of the characters in 'em

It would happen for days

And if there's a death in one of the stories,
It is much more painful for me
I would cry myself out (taklah parah sangat :p)
And would be wondering for days
Crazy,huh ?

Nahh . not really

That's me myself

Watching movies and dramas and anime,
Is . tougher
I would drive myself out of the road,
Thinking about those issues happening in 'em
It's hard for me to swallow those things
And when it comes to the end,
The feel of losing something,strikes me in the chest

This is just a part of me
That you . maybe want to know huh


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