My Pie


If you are right in front of me,
I guess I would pull you,into the centre of me
And hug you tight

"Shh,it's okay,"

Don't be sad
La takhaf wa la tahzan,innallahamaana

I bet this is the first time you're experiencing something like this
And that person has no idea what he has done to you
It's okay .
He's not at fault

I'm not good at giving talks,but .

Hey .
This is not you
The one that I ever want to be
Free from all of those things and feelings
But it's okay .
You have the right to be like this

It's hard to stop thinking about it
Once we've stepped into it,
It takes everything in us,to set us free .
Like the way we used to be .

But then when it hurts too much
Don't ever forget that Allah is always there for us

His love is extremely deep
The deepest love ever in this whole wide galaxy
In this worldly life .

Pray to Allah so He will help you to get through this
Pray to Allah so that you could help yourself
Pray to Allah,as He will always listen to us .
Even though we've sinned . Like nothing has ever done

This is one of the phases of our lives
We would meet people who come and go
And some of them insist to stay
And some of them sommer leave,without goodbyes
We would fall in to them,
And sometimes we end up by breaking our hearts
And sometimes we end up by breaking theirs
And one day,
When Allah wants it to happen,
We will meet the right one .

Yes it's true
We would seldom meet
The chances are too slim
But memories do stay .
And never leave

I'm sorry
I couldn't comfort you well
But .
Yeah at least I love you kbai


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