Old Friend


I used to think about you
Every where and every time
Because it was so hard for me to forget you,
And everything that we had carved

I used to fail to fight the urge to see you
That was why when the holiday came,
We would make up plans
And I was thinking about all of the movies you might have

You used to say my name and think about me
And might be you used to miss me
You used to post about me and you told the world you loved me haha
I knew it could never be serious,as long as it was you

Time flew so fast we didn't even realize,
We were drifting apart .
But still,I thought about you sometimes
I told 'em about you and the way you behaved
You were so funny and sometimes bizarre
And you,still,have the breathtaking look
With your black skinny jeans

Now it has been a long time
Hey,have you ever thought about me,even once in 2015 ?


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