Short Story

"You left me in confusion for months,"

She always looked at me
Whenever I was nearby
It seemed like,she was stretching out her hand,
Towards me .
Just to reach me,from afar

Just,ugh .

She always waited for me
Whenever I was walking behind her
Stopped at a junction,turned her back

Our eyes met
Then she continued to walk

My chest started to act on the pressure
Whenever we bumped into each other
I didn't smile,I wanted her to start it first

But she didn't .

One day,my eyes caught her glimpse on me
I had no idea what to do,then she struck my heart
With a smile
She smiled me a sweet smile
A voice in my mind kept telling me that,
She was something in me

My friends told me to make a first move
Yeah as a guy,I should have been doing it

But then,

"Dave,have you not heard it?"
"What ?"
"She's someone else's.."

Huh ?

I replayed all of those memories
The times I had lost myself,in reality
Now I could heard those voices
Cheering her name with his name
Teasing her whenever he was nearby
That wasn't my name

It just . It wasn't Dave .

Again .
But this time,the pressure was greater
I fell in love,and my heart ached

I tried to look at her one more time,
Still . She was looking at me
I looked at my back,
It was my best friend,Scott .

So,it was him
It was Scott she was looking at
It was Scott she was waiting for
And I was a fool,didn't even realize

"Hey Delilah,it's Scott!!"

Now I could vividly hear her friends' voices
And still . It wasn't my name

She made me confuse
And my heart was breaking


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