Short Story

"Hey Reiji,"

She turned her back,to face me

I beamed

"Good luck,"

Those words had made her carve me a sweet smile
She nodded


I gave a pat on her head
She was still crying


She tried to answer,but she herself was drowned in her tears

I put my jacket on her slender body
So that she wouldn't tremble in coldness
It was winter
And her heart was broken into pieces

"I could never find a guy,,who would..,accept me,"
"The way I am .. "

I smiled

I took her hand,and put it on my cheek

"Do you feel the heat ?"

She nodded

"Do you feel its warmth ?"

She nodded

"Like it ?"

"Yeah,of course,"

"Do you know who is this one person,who knows all of your favorite songs ?"

She shook her head ; didn't know

"Do you know who is it,who knows your favorite colour ?"
"Your favourite food ?"
"Your mood ?"
"Your smiles and tears ?"
"Your scent ?"
"Your favorite movies and dramas ?"
"Your idol ?"

She hit my shoulder hard

"I don't know !"

I laughed

"He could never stop chasing you,even in your absence,"
"And that person,"
"Is me,"

"Do believe,it is always me,"
"And forever,just me myself,and no other,"
"Don't waste your time,I'm right in front of you,"

Sheila on 7 - Itu Aku


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