Thank You


I know I can never thank you enough
But I will always ask Allah to always bless you
To always forgive you
Aamiin :)

Like others,
You are the true hero
And you're my first hero

I don't have all the memories with you back then when I was small,
But I do remember your young face and figure
I'm sorry,but when I was young,I didn't very fond of you hehe
I didn't know why but I doubted you hehe
It might be because I was too young
To think of something good
To value your love towards all of us
I couldn't think straight I'm so sorry

As I grew up,
I started to realize that you would always try your best
To make sure that all of us could live a good life
Allahurabbi .

As I grew up
I started to see that you would always care for us
No matter how hard the ordeal was,
You would fight for us

Hey . Thank you so much
For your ever lasting love
For all of your sacrifices
For taking care of all of us
For running for us
For crying,for us
For everything,just to see us smiling

I'm sorry I can't say 'thank you'
I don't know how to show it
I'm to shy
And it feels kind of awkward

But what I know now is,
I thank Allah,for lending me
A father,and that will only be you


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