Well Hey


You made a come-back
Filling my heart with your quotes and sayings

My heart used to skip a beat
But yesterdays,
It showed me no response

I felt numb

Thank you for coming back
And for remembering me,
One little lass who meant something back then
It's okay now that I'm nothing

I'm good

Hey my friends like you,
When I tell them stories about my pasts
We went through those pages in my life
And we would always bump into your figure
That one good-looking lad

Sometimes I really want you stay in the past
But then I realize that,
People do come and go,
And they do come back

Once we get to know them
Each other,leaving traces in our lives
Then for forever,they would remain in our lives

Just like you .
You met me and filled me with many colours
Then I felt like I was broken
I wanted you to go,
But then you kept coming back
And you just did .

Then it made me think
Why not ?
You're still someone in me


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