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Blank 2#


I just don't even know what to say

Allah has the best plans for all of us

I know
And I believe in Him



All that I ever wanted was
Knowing the deepest of you
But then I knew it was redundant
And way too impossible

All that I ever wanted was
Running away from you
But then eveytime I tried to set up my first pace
I knew I would come back
And I just did

Sometimes you were just too close
But then one day you were gone
And never did come back
I waited for your shadow to come across
And you never did

There were days I could make myself believe that
I could move on,even for an inch
But then . The reality was vice versa

You don't even know this
You don't even realize ; these words are meant for you



You ask me what colour am I
Well .
I can be any colour at anytime

But I don't want to describe the colours in me
I want to describe the colours of people in my life

You .
I see you as grey sometimes,indeed
But then,I don't know
You're just like some colours which combined
And form one type of masterpiece in my life
It's just so abstract and intriguing
Filling myself with lots of feelings and memories

You can be some colours which come altogether
And my eyes picture it as gold .
Sometimes you're just so close
Yet so far away .
You're just too precious
And everyone dreams to have you
And hold you so tight
They just don't want to let you go
The way I've gone .
The way I've slipped away
Because they let me

In January


Well hi

Happy birthday to you ;
Who has given me so much to remember

Thank you for all of those crazy memories
And precious words and complicated feelings you made me feel
Thank you for digging a hole inside your heart back then,
Just to place me inside it
So that I wouldn't slip away from you

I guess I've never missed to wish you happy birthday
Since the first time we met

Good luck

Castaway 2#


Moving on isn't an easy thing to do
But people who never have to do it would never understand

Move on
From everything

From my childhood,
There would always be salted water dripping from the chin
Because it's hard for me to grow up and leave the old me
Who was so young and innocent
And I encountered no bad people and views

From my house,
The ultimate pain I feel in the chest
And those nights I barely could hold on to myself
Because it has the roots which have seen me grow up
And hold me tight,so that I wouldn't fall to my knees

From my old friends,
The unknown feeling strikes me,whenever my mind tells me
They have gone too far,so far away from me

I'm not a master of leaving things behind
I would always cling myself onto the pasts
Would never want to let go

From you
Because I've welcomed you at the first
You ; the worst distraction ever

Wherever You Are


I have been missing you since my first day here
You were in my dreams
And I have missed your figure in dreams and reality

You .
Thank you for having me as your muse
Of writing stories and snacks for my eyes

Your stories could drown me in the worlds that you created
They are so fascinating
And full of feelings and lies

Those smiles I carve
Are so sincere,
Just with your ink,
I could smile all day long

Thank you



If we ask Allah to help us stay strong
Surely He will help us
As long as we obey Him .

I have this bad habit
I tend to trust people easily
And love them with all of my heart
Even our eyes only met in a minute

And I tend to believe that they also love me
The way I do
When actually they even don't

I can easily break



Living in Mai's
Just brings back all of those memories
When I was in Perak

The state which I needed to get myself out of a room
Only to eat
The good smell of fried chicken
Having meals together as one family

Some things .
That manage to break me,
Because I'm missing them so bad