Castaway 2#


Moving on isn't an easy thing to do
But people who never have to do it would never understand

Move on
From everything

From my childhood,
There would always be salted water dripping from the chin
Because it's hard for me to grow up and leave the old me
Who was so young and innocent
And I encountered no bad people and views

From my house,
The ultimate pain I feel in the chest
And those nights I barely could hold on to myself
Because it has the roots which have seen me grow up
And hold me tight,so that I wouldn't fall to my knees

From my old friends,
The unknown feeling strikes me,whenever my mind tells me
They have gone too far,so far away from me

I'm not a master of leaving things behind
I would always cling myself onto the pasts
Would never want to let go

From you
Because I've welcomed you at the first
You ; the worst distraction ever


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