Old Days


When I was in my primary school
I was always eager and lookin' forward to go to school
Every day

Those days are the best days that have ever happened,
In my life .

From a small stranger I started to live there

My friends were so loud and nice
They made my days

Nisa would always help me with my scarf
And she would always wanna talk to me
I was kind of scared of Wana but then some things could run smoothly
And Aneeq was so crazy and hilarious
Aisyah would always stand by me no matter what happened
And Hajar would always talk like Aristotle
Giving opinions about anything

Ain with her dictionary and sometimes Aiman wanted to win over her

I was crazy in love and everything seemed so right
People liked to tease me and,
They supported me
Safwan was like a brother to us

Hey guys .
I just miss our old days
Too much .


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