It's hard for me to tell you the truth
I'd rather sketch something so complex and unfathomable
So people wouldn't notice it .
That I .
Actually .
Do feel something .

I just live a normal life,as usual
Things are changing a bit lately
People who surround me are the ones I barely know
And I know . I need to get closer to them

I would always drift to the past
Because that's the only way I could see the ones I love the most
The one . That has been pulling me to the gravity

I know each and everyone of us will have a new start inshaAllah
And today,you're starting a new journey .
You will be surrounded by a brand new ambience
Without asking your heart,you need to adapt yourself in everything .
Everything,that is it .

I'm telling you don't be so sure of your feelings,
They may change .
Don't let yourself to stick to the one,yet .
You may change .

And I,
May also change

Good luck ;)


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