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Aku 1#


Banyaklah pula siri dalam laman ni
Tapi ah aku tak kisah

Perit aku rasakan
Apabila semua yang ada di depan mata aku sebelum ini,
Akan hilang begitu sahaja .
Yang ada cuma kenangan

Tidak gila aku katakan,
Jika kau bersendirian lalu tersenyum
Walau tiada yang menggeletek kaki atau pinggangmu
Kerana aku sering melalui senario yang sama

Kita cuma teringat perkara lalu
Yang manis,yang menggelikan hati

Teringat kerenah sendiri bersama-sama kalian
Teringat kerenah kalian bersama-sama aku
Teringat perkara yang telah lepas,
Meninggalkan gula bertaburan di serata tempat,
Dalam hati .

Aku masih ingat,rindu lagi .
Saat kita keletihan namun aku ada kalian,
Kalian ada aku .
Saat kita bingung dan tidak tahu bagaimana ingin selesaikan benang yang berbelit itu,
Saat kita sama-sama menyuap nasi dan lauk yang terhidang di hadapan
Saat kita berjemaah,
Saat aku mendahului kalian,namun kalian bertakbir kuat di sebelahku
Namun aku sendiri keliru,berjemaah atau tak haha kerana kalian tidak me…



Someone special like you is one of a kind
You're very important to me
Never thought that we could be apart,

But inshaAllah I'll always love you,
People said to the moon and back,
But I'm gonna say,
To Jannah,that will surely last forever

Someone 3#


Hey you .
There are a few posts in this blog,specially written about you

And this is another one

You and your warmth,
Would always reach me .
Same goes to the coldness of your heart,
Sent chills down my spine

Your words were so sweet,
Were you a sweet talker ? Pft .
It's okay if you wanted to comfort me when I was down at that time,
But,actually,it wasn't a good thing
I'm sorry I wasn't telling you the truth back then .

You could easily be transparent sometimes
And were so honest about your feelings
You could also be different sometimes

It's not good to always stick to you
And we both would never mind about this

I was flabbergasted to find out about it
I admit that I was a bit disappointed,but for what hahaha

It might be because,
I was afraid that the fact you would change and never be the same,
Would,one day,be true ?



The truth is,I've moved on from Sakamoto .
From his death,if the theory is true

But the ending song of this anime is so beautiful !

Somehow,it brings back some memories when I was in high school
My mind would drift back to where I was,laughing and learning with my friends

Those mixed feelings
Those smiles and tears


Allah gave me the greatest high school life ever

Someone 2#


It felt like she had been cherishing people so hard
She could die of thirst and hunger

She wanted to do everything she could,
If that could satisfy everyone and everything

But slowly she starts to change
Being selfish is really not an option,
You should not even see it as an option,really,from the start
But she had made a wrong choice

I don't know,whether she intended to be one or,she did not even realize that herself

Those feelings start to become dull
Just like that one bright smile on her face,that she used to show off

You can't stay like that forever
You need to change

Keep loving,even it seems like no one would want to care
Because Allah does care about it .
Allah does care about you and your love .



We were ultimately close back then
It's like,I couldn't bear the life without you
And you couldn't bear to breathe without me
Anywhere and anytime,we would always stick together

But then there were times I felt irritated
And tried to run away from you
I did run and hide myself .
But it could only last for a day .
Guess that I could never live without you there,
There,where we grew up five years together

Those 5 years are over now
The distance between us,grows bigger
But I guess we could still reach out to each other

But it felt like,
None of us wanted it to happen
But sometimes I really wanted to meet you
To catch up with you .
I did miss you
I wanted to make you laugh
But then
Guess we're too busy with our new lives and friends

I hope
This ukhwah will last forever inshaAllah