We were ultimately close back then
It's like,I couldn't bear the life without you
And you couldn't bear to breathe without me
Anywhere and anytime,we would always stick together

But then there were times I felt irritated
And tried to run away from you
I did run and hide myself .
But it could only last for a day .
Guess that I could never live without you there,
There,where we grew up five years together

Those 5 years are over now
The distance between us,grows bigger
But I guess we could still reach out to each other

But it felt like,
None of us wanted it to happen
But sometimes I really wanted to meet you
To catch up with you .
I did miss you
I wanted to make you laugh
But then
Guess we're too busy with our new lives and friends

I hope
This ukhwah will last forever inshaAllah


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