Someone 3#


Hey you .
There are a few posts in this blog,specially written about you

And this is another one

You and your warmth,
Would always reach me .
Same goes to the coldness of your heart,
Sent chills down my spine

Your words were so sweet,
Were you a sweet talker ? Pft .
It's okay if you wanted to comfort me when I was down at that time,
But,actually,it wasn't a good thing
I'm sorry I wasn't telling you the truth back then .

You could easily be transparent sometimes
And were so honest about your feelings
You could also be different sometimes

It's not good to always stick to you
And we both would never mind about this

I was flabbergasted to find out about it
I admit that I was a bit disappointed,but for what hahaha

It might be because,
I was afraid that the fact you would change and never be the same,
Would,one day,be true ?


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