Hey 2#


Your magnetic field is just so strong
And I'm just a little piece of rusted iron

Syaitans will poke me and say that this is what I want
But if it's from them, you should never believe any of it .

I'm drowning myself here

Now you're back and everything is haunting me
What you are doing is killing me now
Part of me asks me to accept it all and live it
But another part of me keeps making me realize that,

This is not good .
This shouldn't be happening .

Do not be too open dear young lad and lass
Do not be too frank about it

Because at the end,
What we choose is going to hit us back

I need you to know this
I don't want to hurt even a small piece of your cell,
But being heartbroken is better than being imanbroken

I cherish you
You have always meant something in my life
Even though I've been broken for millions of times but,

This can never be good .
It can never be good .

Someday we would look at it back,
And being so shy about it .
Or smile .

I want us to choose Him,
Over anything else .
But it is so hard .

That's why sacrificing something for the sake of Allah,
Is far beyond anything in this life
And we can never imagine the bless He will give to us


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