It has been a long time since my last English post .
So hi !

I've been a lone ranger since my first day as a degree student
I think both of my parents are quite sad about this fact,
Yeah they are worried about me, having no close friends .
Eating all alone .
Walking with my dead shadow .
Showing fake smiles and all .

But alhamdulillah,
I'm all fine .

I just like the way it is

Now I know how it feels like to be all alone,
All by yourself .

You don't have to make people wait for you
You don't have to wait for other people
You can go anywhere you want to
No one is going to stop you .

And you will never have to care,
About what other people might say about you

You don't have to think about others' feelings
The probability for you to hurt people with your actions and words, is probably less than 10 % .
Well, maybe haha .

It's not wrong to be a lone ranger,
But by being one doesn't mean you have to isolate yourself from the world
Doesn't mean you are allowed to not give smiles to others .
Doesn't mean you are all free to hurt people with your pale face,
With no smile,
No colour .

Being a lone ranger is different, than being someone who's full of him or herself .
Than being arrogant .
It's totally different .

You walk alone, but you smile to others when you see them
You eat alone, but you don't mind when others want to sit with you .

I'm a lone ranger,
But I do have Allah with me
And I do need people around me .


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