When I smelled the scent of tar being hit by drops of rains,
I would go back to those times,
Where I was so small, and short .
At Wan's house .

It was raining heavily,
And it was school break .
I would be staying at Wan's house like it was my fixed 'everything'.
Because I loved being with Wan .

When it rained, her backyard of the house would seem like a pool,
Pool of raindrops
And I just had to fight the urge to jump into it

Wan would buy me Nasi Lemak in the morning
And sometimes she would feed me using her own hand
Those were the good times of my life
And there was no Astro, so I just had to sit in front of the TV, watching things like Malaysia Hari Ini, Nasi Lemak Kopi O and etc.
I was a kid . And I hated those things .

It would be more fun when Makcitis were home .
They would bring me to the beach and mall, and of course they would pamper me haha .

They were single at that time,
And I didn't have to care about not having their attention .
Pft so selfish and naive

But now everything is different .
Wan is seldom home .
And I'm living far away from Terengganu
Even when I make my own come back, I don't even go to Wan's house anymore
Yeah .
Because no one's there .


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