Hey ?


Yeah .
People said long distance relationship is tough
And so dang hard .

Those words and sayings were just like a few particles of dust on my desk
Soon, I would wipe them out using those pink and yellow tissues
I didn't really care about it .

But now .
It hits me hard on the chest
It felt so suffocated I could barely catch the air to breathe

Maybe you are too busy .
And me . I don't really like to chat in this media life .
I like it face to face .
I want to see, I want to hear .
And I want to feel the bond .
Of this friendship .
Lillahitaala inshaallah

But you sit nearby the main vein in my heart .
Don't set up the fire,
All of the blood might be deoxygenated

If you leave,
Heartbreak won't be enough to describe what I will have to swallow .


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