It was hard for me to leave you,
And it was hard for me to see you leave

Last hug, last smiles on that day
I hope I can see you every day like how it used to be before

I hope I can find reasons to run away from you,
And then come back to you because I know,
I just can't live without you by my side

I hope I can always see that face of yours,
And hear your hilarious laugh that will also tickle my tummy

I hope I can always look at you when you're not looking at me,
And interpret anything from your face and behaviour,
Then get back to you, carve a smile,
And whisper in my heart,
I love everything about you .

I hope I can always find your hands and put them on my cheeks,
Because they are warm, and I can feel you in my veins

I want to see you on every weekend
But we still got lots of stuffs to be settled as we are students,
And yeah .

Timba ilmu dulu !!


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