Don't misunderstand
Even though I know it is my fault

Don't just assume
Even though I know I make you do that

Don't tell me I'm a breaker
I'm also broken by things

The way most people want it to be
Is the way that we should reject

I know fighting our own self and nafs is a real pain
And so hard .
I know I am weak and sometimes I tend to do the same
I know sometimes I can be so selfish

But every time that we got is a chance
To correct those mistakes and try again
To try to not do the same thing

I never want to choose this world over Him
I don't want to be like that
Living this life without remembering Him,
Without obeying him,
Is a big waste

I don't want to waste my life
But I'm also a human being
I make mistakes and I commit sins
But I pray to Him so that I will always turn back to Him
Whenever and wherever I'm out of the rail
The straight one .

I don't mean to break everything in you
I don't mean to just drive by in your life
Don't be broken because of me .

One day you will look at it and laugh out loud
Or maybe we both will look at it and smile
But maybe,
Those days will never ever come

I hope you understand
Even though I'm someone complicated to be understood


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