Throwing back is what I like to do the most,
Yeah when I'm bored .

These are some repeated words ; you gave me so much to remember

I like to play back all of those scenes,
I was so insane back then and you were lookin' so naive

Remember the time when I tried to reach you through Yahoo Messenger ?
I didn't even know how to use those things,
Which button should I click ?
How could I know if that email was yours ?
I called you so many times I thought your mom was going to kill me
And your voice was too slow I couldn't get through your points

I was too brave and desperate, yeah you could say that

And I almost forgot that one scene when we were meeting up in the library
It felt like I was in Antarctica
And you would always be lookin' down at the floor
And now I notice your eyelashes are pretty long
You got beautiful eyes, don't you ?

No . I'm not saying that I want it all back
No !
It was just me, the naive me
Who didn't know that it was wrong for both of us
It was just me, the terrible me
Who was so crazy over you and couldn't think straight

It was just me .
In the past .
And I'm all different now, I guess ?

All the best in your SPM Fal !

Yeah you asked me for a nickname
I just liked your name the way it is

But yeah .
That's one for you hahaha


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