Fasting in SAHUT was one of the things that I miss the most

We would be asking one another,
Do you want to fast, tomorrow ?
Let's break our fast together !
I hope tomorrow is Nasi Ayam

Well, for so many times I hoped there would be one big jar of Sunquick or Sirap Ais

Sometimes we would go to the vending machine to buy drinks

And in the evening some of us would be laying in bed, like zombies
Were so tired from all of the activities during the day
And were so mentally tortured seeing other friends eating their meals at noon
And sometimes our knees would be shaking during Asar prayer

When it was the time to wait for Maghrib azan,
We were smiling widely and became energetic, like so suddenly
Then, we broke our fast . Everyone zipped their mouth and was so into their food,
Including me .

We would share our drinks
Saying thank you to one another
And tried our best to do the Maghrib prayer along with the Imam

Those were the good times in my high school life
Alhamdulillah Ya Allah for giving me such good friends :)

Hey, do you miss those moments ?


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