You asked me what my favourite colour was
And I told you I liked blue and green stripes
And you made me chuckle when you said you also liked the same thing

You told me you also liked Justin Bieber,
And I didn't even know why 'U Smile' song became our default song,
But wait,
We had our own default song ? Hahaha .
You were funny

But I liked it,
U smile, I smile

You said my writing was good
And you liked it .

You wanted to play Pet Society on Facebook,
I said it was fun
You had a pet,and you liked to play that pet marathon game,
But you kept on failing, couldn't get the first place
And you were frustrated .

You were so busy with your games back then
I felt like I was left out,
But when I protested by hitting my keyboards and those alphabets came out on the chat,
You replied .

It's okay,
I just want to throw those little things back
I don't know but,

We were so funny and naive back then !


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