You 2#


I don't know why,
But your face would always pop out in my mind

I guess I miss you :')

Last night I thought about you
How you would react when you knew something and someone needed you to explain it

You didn't talk much,
But when you did, I like the way you said those words
I like the way you spoke in English, it's like you have that one special accent

And I remembered that one moment,
During night prep, we were studying Biology
Struggling through those biological terms and diagrams,
Well I had fun though . With you

I've always thought that you're just.
So breathtaking
From the first moment I saw you in the hall
I've always liked you .

And do you remember,
When I caught a cold in SGS ?

I thought that I was helpless
It felt like everything was tiring me inside out
Then you became everything I needed

And I would always want to catch you when you fall
Would always want to wipe out your tears using my bare hands
Would always want to be your wind when it's a sunny day
Would always want to be your rain when your throat is dried

And sing me another 'You are my sunshine'
Because I miss your sweet voice


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