Childhood 3#


When I was young,
I really liked to go to Koyan
Even though the days there were burning,
And there were scorpions,
There were no other child,

But it had Maktok and Tokwan,
Whom I really love, since the first moment I knew them

Those days witnessed my unspoken love for them
Whenever those three days and two nights had gone,
I hoped the small pillow would suck away my tears,
I never wanted to wave them goodbye,
Because I never wanted to go,
Leaving them there

As I grew up,
The tears were lessen,
And one day,
I was glad that those days and nights there had gone away in a blink of an eye

I still love them,
But I don't know .

Maybe we talked less than ever,
Maybe I was no longer a small girl who couldn't understand those adult talks,
People really change . And never stay the same .

But recently,
Those five days made me realize that,
That inner me, is still the same Aya, who would cry and never want to say goodbye

Is still the same Aya,
Who would laugh over Tokwan's simple jokes
The same Aya,
Who would always love to eat Maktok's curry

The same Aya,
But she's grown up .


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