Wear that shirt with collar on
And let me pull it with all my heart,
Let me be taller,
And make you believe I could punch your left cheek,
And pray that it would not be swollen

Don't wear that white suit,
My tears and blood would leave their permanent traces on it,
People are going to blame you later,
So don't .

Sit down,
Don't let your eyes go wild,
Stay still .

Tell me,
What do you want ?

You acted like nothing had ever happened,
That Vanilla sundae I ate while forcing myself to smile,
I could feel myself was breaking down
That popcorn and zombies,
I was drowned in that big screen,
But it was a heartbreak on the big screen .

That splendid meals we had,
That laughter that broke my heart,
But I tried to feel nothing,

Those beautiful wishes at that midnight,
And you came in with one for me,
And I knew everything was so messed up,
But actually it was all redundant,
And was so sick

I could survive before those days,
I could survive before that moment on the train,
On the platform .
I could survive before my ears heard those words,
I could survive .
Before I knew you had changed

You acted like nothing had ever happened .
Were you being ignorant ?

Tell me and answer me

Don't be like that

If you are going to shake your head,
Instead of nodding .
Then don't come near,

But that was what you did .


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